Case #2011-0001

January 25, 2011

Location: Toh Tuck Avenue towards Bukit Batok East Avenue 3
Date/Time: 24 Jan 2011, 11-ish a.m.

There’s an ongoing road widening works along Toh Tuck Avenue just at the entrance to PIE (Tuas) and the left most lane is almost entirely closed.

I was riding from the traffic light junction earlier with a taxi cab behind and a blue BMW 5-series (SJF83xx) behind to on my left. As I know about the narrowing of lanes, I kept a keen eye on my side mirror to see if the BMW would make any sudden moves like speeding up and swerving into my lane.

As expected, the driver did so. But he couldn’t get fast enough to get in front of my bike nor the taxi. His wheels are already over the lane markings when he came to an abrupt stop right before the traffic cones. Had I not slowed down slightly (unsure of what he might do) nor him stopping in time, accident would have happened right there and then.

I understand that your car is expensive, but please, a rider’s life is in peril when you attempt a stunt like that, especially on a rider whose license is two months old.

Please, pick on someone your own size. Or rather, get your driving act together!

Submitted by Biker Mice from Mars



January 25, 2011

I realised that there weren’t any updates for the past couple of years and I think it is time to revive this blog. There have been no decrease in the number of bad drivers on the roads, in fact, there seem to be an huge jump. Considering there’s always traffic jams on the roads, road works aside, are usually caused by accidents, self-inflicted or otherwise. Jams caused by motorist from the opposite direction are equally guilty of being bad drivers.

So do send your reports in. Couple of photos would be nice.

‘Nuff talk. Let’s get cracking.

Case file #005 – GZ xx46 x

February 10, 2007

Location: University Flyover of Clementi Road
Date/Time: 9 Feb 2007, 6.35pm

I was turning into Clementi Road at Exit 9 from Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

After crossing the traffic light at the T-junction of Exit 9 and Clementi Road, I took the extreme left lane by mistake due to the heavy traffic. The extreme left lane leads back to AYE but I needed to filter one lane to the right to go back to Clementi Road.

As I signaled my intention to filter right, I kept waving my arm to indicate that I was apologetic & thankful and needed the driver to my right to allow me to pass. I drove slowly near to a white Nissan (perhaps Cabstar) van with license plate number GZ 81xx R. No matter how much I signaled and indicated to thank him, the Chinese male driver kept driving faster and refused to allow me to filter.

After he passed, a black Toyota or Nissan MPV behind him gave way to me and allowed me to pass. I would like to thank him/her for that. I think he/she would have seen my indication of thanks as I drove pass.

It is surprising that the Traffic Police keeps emphasizing on courtesy on the roads but we get such uncouth and discourteous driver. He just refuses to give way even though I have indicated my intention and thanks. What I do not understand is, by giving way to me, would that Nissan van driver lose his life over it?

I just wanted to let all the courteous and safe Singaporean drivers out there know that they should keep their good driving habits. Keep driving safely and courteously. Do not let such bad driving attitude affect your driving.

Submitted by JL

Case file #004

February 6, 2007

Location: Junction of Clementi Road and Maju Camp towards Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Date/Time: 6 Feb 2007, 3.15pm

A Caucasian lady in a silver Nissan Murano created a line of jam on the right lane while she attempted to make an illegal U-turn.

What if the cars from the opposite directions kept coming on, will she keep waiting for a chance to turn?

Even when she’s in the wrong, we had taxis and private cars waiting behind like meek sheeps, none willing to give a honk to wake up this ‘FT’ ideas?

Warning: ‘FT’ ignorant of our highway code behind the wheel. Avoid like a plague.

Submitted by BD

Case file #003

February 6, 2007

Location: Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Date/Time: 5 Feb 2007, around 3pm

A black Honda Edix was seen trying to overtake an uncle on a scooter, first by cutting from the right most lane to the center, between two vans, and then squeezing in front of the scooter. From the looks of it, it was really close and could end up a very serious accident.

Unfortunately, the event happened too fast to be captured.

Caution: Impatient driving squeezing ahead.

Submitted by BD.